About Me


Recipient of the Pride Afrique Leading Light Award, 2023.

Growing up as a queer child who had dreams and ambitions that seemed out of reach in the context of the society I was raised in, meant not seeing representation for people like me. This shaped my trajectory in life, making my personal political, as I began to recognize and question different facets of marginalization and exclusion. 

Today, I work to enable systems and create spaces where diversity is recognized, respected and not weaponized as a tool for discrimination. The goal is to keep contributing to shaping and implementing existing and emerging policies, especially those fundamental to our wellbeing, dignity and safety, ultimately achieving a world where nobody is discriminated against due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

My Values

My values are rooted in principles of social justice with respect and dignity. I believe in collective care, responsibility and action and this fuels my passion for enabling a more equitable and inclusive world. 

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