Changing the world,
one person at a time…

About Me

I am Marline Oluchi, a Feminist Activist working with and for communities who experience injustice, poverty, exclusion and inequality, prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, with a particular focus on gender justice and LGBTQIA+ rights. As a queer woman myself, living and working in Africa, I body different minority identities and experience several layers of marginalization, making my personal political.

My work centers the intersections of policy, practice and activism, bridging the gap between theory, practice and lived realities.

Areas of specialization

Sustainable development will only be achieved when people can live in dignity and without fear, with no threat of social injustice and exclusion. With the present levels of marginalization and violent systemic and systematic exclusion for women, girls and LGBTQIA+ persons, there is an increasing need for programming from an intersectional lens with recognition of diversity and zero exclusion based on sexual orientations, gender identities and sex characteristics. This will enable building towards better futures.

To achieve equality, I believe the work starts with an intention to do something and an action on the back of this intention. As we act, it is important to identify exclusionary tendencies especially within the social justice movement and feminist spaces, to ensure equality across all diversities. This requires cross-movement collaborations with the common goal of enabling a better, just and safe world for us all.


At the core of my work, is the power of storytelling for social change. Owning your narrative gives you the power to be your authentic self, have ownership of your voice and ensure that you are not erased.

Organizations I’ve consulted for